Beyond Tomatoes Graphic Design was established as a partnership in August 2006 by two gals, Tannaz Santos and Bianca Ayvazian Miranda. They needed a creative name that stood out above the rest and the zany name Beyond Tomatoes did just that!

By 2009, the design studio was run solely by Bianca. Tannaz has since started her own photography career — please visit Photos by Tannaz to view her spectacular work.

Since graduating in 2001 from California State University, Northridge, Bianca has been passionately committed to a career in graphic design. Eighteen years of experience has allowed her to experience various areas of the graphic arts from branding, web banners and display ads, magazine layouts and toy packaging to wedding invitations, creative directing for software UI (user interface), and display, or large scale, graphics.


Bianca loves the four stages of every new project:

  1. The excitement of a new creative challenge;
  2. Being in the zone and designing;
  3. Working with clients to meet their vision;
  4. And the final product and positive reaction of a completed piece.

Her approach to conceptualizing a new project always starts with brainstorming and sketches, and her aesthetic is described as clean and organic. If you have a vision, she has the experience to deliver the design.